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Electronic Awakening is an ethnographic documentary film that investigates the spirituality of Electronic Music dance culture and its ties to ancient shamanic rituals. The DVD features dozens of experts, visionaries, and published authors.

Keyframe-Cinema DMT Screening Package


DMT: The Spirit Molecule, 75 mins Using Dr. Rick Strassman’s research, the film investigates dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an endogenous psychoactive compound, which exists in humans as well as in numerous species of plants and animals. Featuring the artwork of Pablo Amaringo, Andy Debrenardi and more; video editing by Verb Studios, soundscapes by Lulu Madill Buttons Touching Productions and music by Tipper, Darpan, Lula Cruz, and curanderos Guillermo Aravelo, Percy Garcia Lozano, Ron Wheelock and Kevin Furnas, this documentary charts the Global Shamanic Resurgence born in the jungles of Peru and reaching out to embrace the world. Keyframe-Cinema Screening Sublicense: Please read the Sublicense carefully as it outlines your rights and responsibilities. Keyframe-Cinema Film Screening Resource Guide: This resource guide will inform you on how to create and manage a film screening in your community.

This offer contains:

-DMT: The Spirit Molecule
-DMT_Image_Dennis Mckenna

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